Dragon Art

Dragons painted these pictures. No, really, they did. My dragons usually wander around one at a time on an evening (they’re territorial beasts and will fight if there’s more than one out) and, when doing other crafts, I noted that they had a horrible habit of jumping in and out of my glue tub, or paint bowl, or mache containers, before running around creating a big mess.

So, I decided to make use of their love of havoc.

I put down lots of paper, and a whole pad of gesso coated canvas.

I then squirted paint into the tray I use for painting – which got Jam’s attention.

She promptly jumped in it, jumped out, and walked off across the canvasses. Just as expected. (The silver acrylic was a bit too claggy for making good splats.)

Tsam was a bit confused that I was LETTING him make a mess, but got into the swing of it very quickly, and thoroughly enjoyed himself. Though he looked like the Incredible Hulk by the time he was done.

Mocha thought it was FANTASTIC – she was getting rewarded for being grubby!

In the end, they all had a go. Even Hyphen, though he didn’t get what was going on.

And I’m very pleased with the end results!


And the originals are now for sale, here: Vivvids Etsy Crafts

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