Frankie Lee Erroll Serif

Frankie’s the new boy, having arrived in June 2014 – his original owner is going travelling, and can’t care for him any more, so I’ve agreed to take him on.

I’m told he’s four years old, though when he arrived he very light and very small for his age – but we soon fixed that: his diet was supplemented with Oxbow critical care herbivore with added calcium and vitamin D3, and he’s getting exercise daily to help build up muscle mass. It took us six months to rebuild Jacques, and Frankie’s in better condition, though a good bit older.

Frank’s a smart little lizard, and is showing good potential – with assistance, he’s figured out getting down the dragon slope, and today, we introduced him to the concept of going back UP it. He’s discovered the cork hut, and how to sit on his hammock swing, and how to get in places he shouldn’t really be…!

Six months on, and he was still slow to trust, and often aggressive – he forgot that we’re not going to hurt him, especially when he’s already agitated – but we’re seeing more “cute and calm” moments: he finally realised that human-bed is very comfortable, and humans are warm and squishy to sit on. Frank also chose me as his “safe place” when he was in unfamiliar territory – I’m pleased by his progress. Even if he is still narky about it.

It’s been one step at a time with this chap. He still thinks he’s three times bigger than he actually is – he thinks he’s invincible, and big enough to beat up humans.

Nearly a year on, and he’s got the hang of living with humans. He knows we’re only playing when we “beat him up”, and he knows that curled fists means “yes, attack, playtime!”, and open palms means “that’s enough, thanks.” He also knows to divert his violence towards “safe” objects when he loses his cool:

Frank's bag

He’s still a bit possessive about “his things” though:

Frank's box

I’m really proud of the little guy – his progress has been superb, and we’re pretty much at the point where I can trust him with strangers (with a supervision). He’s come a long way for such an angry little dragon!

Frank and I

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