Miss Mocha Choca Marian Asterisk von Munch

We don’t know how old Mocha is, or even much about her previous life. I suspect she’s probably about three or four years old – and her early existence was confined to a grubby, sand-filled vivarium where she never once saw water in her life.

Oh, and they thought she was male. “Mr Munch” was rescued in September 2011 and handed over to me in an ASDA’s carpark, of all places. She was skinny, battered, terrified, missing several bits, a funny brown colour with no patterns and STANK.

The first thing we did was bung her in the bath – this photo is the third bath we ran; the first two having immediately gone the colour of strong tea, with the sheer amount of dirt that came off – all of a sudden, patterns emerged! And goodness, the poor little thing drank and drank and drank…

Mocha’s favourite thing in the world is a good soak in the bath. Or the water bowl. Or pretty much anything with water in.

Well, that and bugs. Weehee, fun!
Mocha's cute!

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